Professor of Anthropology
University of South Florida

Graduate Study at USF

Prospective graduate students often ask if I am accepting new students, to which I typically reply that I am always on the lookout for good students. It’s always advisable to make direct contact with me or any  other faculty with whom you would like to study. Send me an email. For more information on how to apply, consult the “Graduate” tab on the Department’s web site

The USF Department of Anthropology offers M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Applied Anthropology, through which students learn the fundamentals of the four subfields of anthropology, their links with one another, and their relation to other academic disciplines. While appreciating such interdisciplinary ties, students in both degree programs follow one of four course tracks: Archaeological, Biological, Cultural, or Medical, each of which has a set of required courses and a choice of electives.

At the M.A. level, the Archaeological Track focuses on coursework in archaeological method and theory that prepares students for careers in cultural resource management or with public or private agencies and museums responsible for managing archaeological resources. 

At the doctoral level, the track provides advanced training and research in applied archaeological anthropology, offering preparation for both academic and practicing positions. Alongside this track, we offer concentrations in Archaeological and Forensic Sciences, Cultural Resource Management, and Heritage Studies, in which students at both levels may choose to take courses that focus on the practical management of archaeological and cultural resources.